Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students,UK 2018

Deadline: 15/09/2018 Degree: Masters, PhD & Research Scholarship Description: The Rhodes Trust, based at the University of Oxford... thumbnail 1 summary
Deadline: 15/09/2018

Degree: Masters, PhD & Research

Scholarship Description: The Rhodes Trust, based at the University of Oxford, brings together and develops exceptional people from all over the world, and in all fields of study, who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act


A• Citizenship & residency: Each applicant must fulfil the citizenship and residency requirements of the Rhodes constituency for which they are applying. Please check the detailed information carefully via the country links.

B• Age: Age limits vary between constituencies and range from a minimum age limit of 18 to a maximum of 28 by 1 October of the year following selection. In most constituencies, the age limit is 24 or 25. Please check carefully the specific age requirements for your constituency before applying. Successful candidates will arrive in Oxford the October following the selection process. The Scholarship may not normally be deferred.

C• Education: All applicants must have achieved academic standing sufficiently advanced to assure completion of a bachelor’s degree by the October following an election. Academic standing must be sufficiently high to ensure admission to the University of Oxford, which has very competitive entry requirements and to give confidence that Rhodes Scholars will perform to a high academic standard in Oxford. Individual constituencies may specify a 1st or equivalent. Some constituencies require an undergraduate degree to have been taken within the constituency of application.

Benefits: A Rhodes Scholarship covers: All University and College fees; the University application fee; a living stipend (£14,276 per annum); one economy class airfare to Oxford at the start of the scholarship and one economy flight back to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship.

The basic tenure of the scholarship is two years, subject always, and at all times, to satisfactory academic performance and personal conduct.

Application: Find out if you meet the criteria to become a Rhodes Scholar and start your application. They offer scholarships in over 22 designated Rhodes constituencies, as well as our Global Rhodes Scholarships, visit their 'Which Scholarship' page for more details.

Scholarship Website: https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/scholarships/which-scholarship/