Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vanuatu Government Scholarships,Vanuatu 2018

Deadline: 04/10/2017 Degree: Bachelor, Masters, MBA, PhD & Research Scholarship Description: The Ministry of Education and Traini... thumbnail 1 summary
Deadline: 04/10/2017

Degree: Bachelor, Masters, MBA, PhD & Research

Scholarship Description: The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) is inviting applications for Vanuatu Government Scholarships to pursue the undergraduate degree as well as the postgraduate degree program.  The NSTB is responsible for undertaking a fair, transparent and merit based selection of candidates for the award of scholarships

Eligibility: A. All those who wish to be considered for a 2018 Vanuatu Government Scholarship must REGISTER online
B. This includes those who are Current Yr12 (Australia)/Yr13/ Baccalauréat students studying in any other country (e.g. Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, New Zealand, New Caledonia) who wish to be considered for a Vanuatu Government Scholarship in 2018.
C. After you have registered you will be guided to all the other information you must provide for your application. The application information you need to submit will differ depending on the category you fall under.
D. No paper based applications will be accepted

Benefits: Vanuatu Government scholarships will make a contribution to research expenses for awardees enrolled in research based Postgraduate programs (i.e. Master’s; PhD). It should be noted that this is a contribution only, and additional funding for research expenses must be sought from other sources, including any academic faculty budget. The following research expenses may be claimed for:

1) Master’s thesis: A maximum of VT 50,000 may be claimed for research expenses only.
2) PhD thesis: A maximum of VT100, 000 per year of the award (maximum of three years full-time enrolment), up to a maximum of VT300, 000 can be claimed for research expenses only. An estimated budget must be provided with all research degree applications.

Application: The application is online.The range of documents you may need includes:

Official academic transcript/results. Note: if you are a Year 13/DAEU/ Baccalauréat student in 2017 we will have your 2017 results sent directly to us.
My Program Requirements (for those enrolled in USP).
Outline of research intent (Master and PhD Research only). See Postgraduate Study for more details.
Letter of support from employer (Director-General, Chief Executive, Principal) (if applicable)
Applicants who come under the authority of the Public Service Commission (PSC); Teaching Service Commission (TSC); or Police Service Commission, must meet all Commission requirements. This includes PSC Form 5-2 Training Approval form, and approval from Head of Department, and the Teaching Service Commission/Police Service Commission.
Those wishing to have their application considered under the Provincial Skills Development category must have a letter of support from their Province Secretary-General. See Provincial Skills Development for more details.
Note: Copies of Birth Certificate and Passport are only required if you are shortlisted for a scholarship. If you are shortlisted and are to study at an overseas institution, your passport must have at least six (6) months before its expiry date.
Please attach only those documents as requested on the online form

Scholarship Website: https://moet.gov.vu/index.php?id=scholarship-announcements