Monday, July 3, 2017

4 HDR Scholarships for Domestic and International Students,Australia 2017

Deadline: 23/06/2017 Degree: Masters, PhD & Research Scholarship Description: The Graduate School of Health (GSH) is pleased to... thumbnail 1 summary
Deadline: 23/06/2017

Degree: Masters, PhD & Research

Scholarship Description: The Graduate School of Health (GSH) is pleased to offer 4 HDR scholarships available for spring 2017 at University of Technology Sydney in Australia. Domestic and International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship

Eligibility: Any prior studies in research and coursework should be evident in this section. The may need to contact your institution for information on your progress if sufficient documentation is not provided. For each of your Academic Qualifications you need to provide the following:
A. A complete and official academic transcript showing the subjects studied, the marks obtained, including any fails and subsequent re-sits. Note: unofficial transcripts from institution websites will not be accepted;
B. An explanation/ extract of the universities grading system
C. If you have completed and been awarded the qualification you will need to provide proof of completion.
D. If applicable, indicate the research component of the qualification. For example, if you undertook a research project of 12 credit points in a 48 credit point degree, your % component of research would be 25%.
E. If any of your documents are not in English you must provide an official translation as well as the original language documents.

Benefits: Depending on the research degree you wish to apply for at UTS, Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents are eligible to receive Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset Scholarship funded by the Australian Government. This covers the cost of your tuition fees valued for the year of offer for up to the maximum period of time allowable to complete your study. In addition to the RTP Fees Offset Scholarship, the University makes an additional contribution in the form of enhanced developmental programs and facilities that contribute to the research degree program at the estimated value of $5,000 to $10,000 per annum

Application: Before you submit your Application make sure you have:
A. Please refer to the Formatting your Resume/CV and Certification Requirements sections of these guidelines
B. Make sure you have provided all required documentation
C. Please submit your application online with all supporting documentation, and provide the certified documents. Please be advised that documents provided as part of your application cannot be returned to you once they have been submitted.