Tuesday, February 7, 2017

University of Queensland SERC Scholarships for International Students, Australia 2017

🗓 Deadline: 31 December 2017 🏛 Degree: Undergraduate / Postgraduate Research The CRC for Space Environment Management (SEMCRC),... thumbnail 1 summary
🗓 Deadline: 31 December 2017

🏛 Degree: Undergraduate / Postgraduate Research

The CRC for Space Environment Management (SEMCRC), managed by the Space Environment Research Centre (SERC) has been established to build on Australian and international expertise in measurement, monitoring, analysis and management of space debris and to develop technologies to preserve the space environment. SERC brings together expertise and resources from leading universities, international space agencies and commercial research providers to mitigate and ultimately remove the risk of space debris collisions.


Consideration of all candidates will be given based on:

academic merit;
relevance of studies to SERC objectives; and
potential for long term contribution to research outcomes;
Priority is given to students with first class honours (or equivalent) from participating countries, currently Australia, Japan and the USA.

The applicant is or will be enrolled in academic studies at a reputable Australian University.

In the case of an international applicant, the applicant is required to have a valid passport, appropriate visa and may not be from a country subject to Trade Controls.


Students can recieve additional support and opportunities provided by the Space Environment Research Centre. Successful scholarship candidates will also have the opportunity to apply for exciting short-term placements in space research centres internationally and within Australia.

Study can be in a broad range of fields including:

Dynamic database management
Adaptive optics
Atmospheric sciences
Laser engineering
Laser guide star adaptive optics
Laser physics
Satellite positioning
Space sciences
Space tracking

SERC accepts applications all year round and strongly encourages students to obtain an APA, URS or other primary scholarship, however this is not essential. SERC top-up scholarships cannot generally be held simultaneously with other top-up scholarships.


Applicants can submit their application by completing the following steps:
  • You are encouraged to read the definitive rules for this scholarship prior to application, in particular any specific eligibility conditions and check the FAQs if you have any questions.
  • To apply please visit: serc.org.au/students